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We believe, behind every great creative agency is an even better team
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Compete Infotech is very responsive and very much attune to what our unique goals are with respect to design.
Article Submission – What it is?
It is a white-hat tool deployed by the link builders in to generate one way quality links for their website. They contain content relevant to the website and the promotional goal behind its publishing.
Work Procedure
The first thing is to find out an interesting article from the online or offline resources. Later, they will be posted on different sites and blogs along with providing link back URLs. The ultimate purpose is to promote the unique content along with the site.
Necessity of Article Submission
Articles are submitted and stored in directories which are popularly called Archives. They categorize the articles and store them in order to share maximum information on the targeted content. Along with acting as a warehouse of knowledge, these sites pull a large group of reader of varied choices.
Our target is to share our knowledge and expertise on a specific field with the "Potential Clients" which provides us quality link backs in lieu!
Automated article submission service
These software allow us submit our articles to thousands of publishers and web sites instantly
Massive publicity and personal RSS feed for your articles – allow us to add to your own site in order to keep them automatically updated in our side.
Traffic and sales leads are always welcome.
Reputation, reliability and credibility is supposed to be mentioned and all the articles are in full article management suite
In the initial stages, no software installed. They help us to set up the instant account.
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"Only a few months into hiring eVisibility our spending efficiency more then tripled and our top keyword rank in the top three results in Google."
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Target: UK Market; so we use Google rank based on that Keyword: Teeth Whitening system| Google Rank: 1 Keyword: Tooth Bleaching System| Google Rank: 1 Keyword: Tooth
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