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Compete Infotech Academy offers the best of professional courses with quality experts in academic and professional to guide and assist you in your career
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Job guaranteed professional courses on Web Design, Web Programming, Flash Animation, Content Writing & Search Engine Optimization with international project exposure!
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Knowledge is like a sea where the waves represent the activities of life – amidst our entire regular work schedule, we always crave to get the right professional direction. The billion dollar question is how we can understand where we are supposed to go or which is the most preferable career path for us all. It is said that “What we are today is because of the decisions that we have taken on the basis of the information that has been provide to us”

Our Career Consultants are eager to deliver the right information for the learners who are sure to get better guidance as far as their proper career path is taken into consideration. A clear vision is expected out of the individuals and for that a good counseling is always necessary. When you are here in Compete InfoTech Academy, you can always think positive and believe in right things to happen to you.
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“ Education is the external reflection of the already existing perfection inside us – Swami Vivekanada”

Parents – Our first teachers who generate and develop our internal matrix. Most of the characteristics traits and intellect that we acquire are from our parents.

School – If we are the seeds in the hands of our parents, our school teachers are handed the responsibility of the saplings. We get firm and fertile breeding grounds in then school were we get the basic career guidance.

College/ University – A bridge between the academy and industry - where we get the first taste of adulthood and the harshness of the real world. The seed of the professional training is put over here.

Professional Institute – Our final touch before we plunge into the core professional world. Here we get the necessary honing as per the stringent requirement of mould in personality and competence.
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Human Resource Development is the most crucial area of a nation’s growth. It is said that our nation is gifted with manpower resource. Indeed, that leads to a very important point – the qualitative development of the untapped resources.

When it comes to Career development training, it is like a life development package. It should encompass the physical, mental and spiritual aspect of growth and development. Any professional training institute irrespective of its location either in Kolkata or somewhere else in the country should stress on the completeness of the career guidance.

With the tremendous back up from our industry-experts and academic consultants, we are ready to deliver quality career counseling all over Kolkata and in other parts of the country. In addition to that, we are fully equipped to impart highly professional training in the IT, Commerce and Marketing segments.
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Great power brings great responsibilities and in the professional world, your growth is directly proportional to the size of the responsibilities you are able to handle.

Academic Qualification, Professional Training and Real Life Experience are the 3 pillars of our career. For the smooth functioning of all the activities in our career, it is necessary for all these pillars to give a strong and stable support. That’s why, it is imperative to concentrate in Education, Training and Experience. These 3 are the mother of our career related brainchild. We must respect them and take care of them in the subsequent stages of our life.

In fact when we are already into the professional world, our motivation for growth will rely on a lot of factors like the salary, job-designation, size of the company, facilities granted, HR policy in the organization and similar other factors. When we shift from one company to another, we must focus on these core parameters.
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The threshold of our real life experience may or may not be sweet enough – it is totally depended on chances. It is always to get equipped with proper guidance and necessary training in order to start the day strong. We know very well that “The impression is often the last impression” – thus it is always better to know our preference, competence and their relevance to our chosen genre of endeavor.

The 5 pillars in this regard is given utmost importance – Academic Qualification, Professional Training, Soft Skills, Career Objective & Long Term Goal and Professional Experience. For the beginners, there is another vital aspect – their co-curricular preference and interest. Together, they put up the entire infrastructure – the complete profile - fully equipped to steer amidst every kind of professional challenges and embark in the sweet alter of success.

Thus, it is necessary to represent what we have inside us in highly professional format which leads to another vital aspect of career – the Resume Development.
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We believe in quality and that is what Compete InfoTech Academy delivers in all their projects. Thanks to their advanced Academic counseling that put me in the right track.
Chandan Roy
Web Designer
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Compete InfoTech is a leading internet marketing agency borne with quality solutions to help organizations accelerate their online business through SEO Web Design and Digital Marketing. We are here to bridge the mammoth gap between industry requirements and the academic courses offered by colleges and professional training institutes. If you are ready to change with time, then Compete InfoTech Academy has got the unique method of imbibing professional training. From the beginning of its inception, Compete InfoTech Academy has been successful in producing quality manpower with respect to the industrial needs.

The increase in the number of foreign investors clearly indicates the Global expectation from India. We are proud to possess an effective and qualitative professional and educational hub which helps us to frame updated business strategies to deliver high end solutions!

We will provide a comprehensive package of Career Counseling, Educational Consulting, Professional Training, Academic Admission, Recruitment & Staffing, and Training & Development.

Academic Training is a big social responsibility and we are ready to take on the deprived candidates who dare to think big think quality. More than just a philosophy, our innovative Scholarship Program is specially designed for those deprived/backward candidates who would be willing to adopt the hard hitting format of the current industry.