Tips to get do-follow links with high Pagerank

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One of the easiest and quickest ways to get high pagerank links to your site is by commenting on blogs, forums and social media sites.
A site pr is 3 today, it could be 4 or 5 within 4 months, if google update pr today.
Three steps to get do-follow links from high pagerank sites

1. Find Blogs which follow the “Do Follow” links
To find the Do Follow blogs , simply go to It is useful to find blogs. You can get blogs with Google page rank with a software. You can get a trial version from here :
Also to find blogs by KeywordLuv Wordpress plugin. This plugin allows you to put your name in the name field of your comment, followed by an @ symbol and then your keywords. The result is your keywords get anchored after your blog’s url.

2. Post at Forums to High PR and Do Follow Links
You can find high page rank forums at which forums have high pagerank and use the Do Follow attribute. The problem is that you can’t use these fourms in many places. You can also get high pagerank forums by searching on google.
Anyway, here is a list of those high pagerank forums:
a. Adobe Forums ( – Lets Talk about Flash Baby
b. Intel Software Network Forums ( – Note Intel has many different dedicated forums on different subjects
c. CNET Forums ( – Can you fix my PC?

3. Get High Pagerank from Social Bookmarking Sites
You can also get high pagerank links from social bookmarking sites. You bookmark your content to get links.
Here is the list of Pagerank 5 to 8 Social Bookmarking Sites:
i. (pr-8)
ii. (pr-7)
iii. (pr-7)
iv. (pr-6)
v. (pr-6)
vi. (pr-6)
vii. (pr-6)
viii. (pr-6)
ix. (pr-5)
x. (pr-5)

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