How to Create & Manage a Basic WordPress Theme

Last day we have discussed about how to create a wordpress blog, today we can move for something new.

Today we’ll try to know something about the Wordpress themes. In the defaults & free wordpress installation we can find many themes that we can choose from. To create a wordpress theme you can use file manager. Usually many wordpress blog theme has a default view. It mainly consists of one header, one main area or body, one sidebar and one  footer is also there.

wp theme layout

To create your new wordpress themes you can create some files like

  • header.php
  • index.php
  • sidebar.php
  • footer.php

and you have to create one css file naming- style.css. By that you can make new themes for wordpress.

The other part of the wordpress themes is free themes. You can find many free themes in wordpress. After you log in to your free wordpress blog, go to appearance section in sidebar. You will find the themes here.

Click themes, and then you will enter a world of themes, from where you’ll find themes as your choice. First select the theme & then click activate button to activate the theme as your theme for your blog. Visit the page of your blog, look your blog theme has changed.

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