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The Role of Unique Content in Blog (2023-12-5)

var fbShare = {url: ‘’,size:’large’} A blog basically based on content. Without content it is nothing. Good & Fresh content are the oxygen of a blog. Yes, the role of good & fresh content in blog cannot be ignored. So that one must have to give priority to this.
But how much one can give [...]

How SEO Can Be Benefited By Blog Submission (2023-12-4)

var fbShare = {url: ‘’,size:’large’} Blogs are the content in webpage, with some other features such as rss feeds, trackback links & comments.  Blogs can be made for personal & also for business purpose. Blogs can also be used for benefit of SEO. Actually blogs are a part of SEO or Search Engine Optimization [...]

Top 10 Technorati Blogs (2023-12-3)

var fbShare = {url: ‘’,size:’large’} While we are discussing about blogs, we can’t avoid the search engine of blogs. Yes there are a few well known search engine for blogs. Technorati is one of the major search engines on them. You can add your blog here. There are some techniques, through that you can [...]

How to Create & Manage a Basic WordPress Theme (2023-12-2)

var fbShare = {url: ‘’,size:’large’} Last day we have discussed about how to create a wordpress blog, today we can move for something new.
Today we’ll try to know something about the Wordpress themes. In the defaults & free wordpress installation we can find many themes that we can choose from. To create a wordpress [...]

How to Create a Wordpress Blog (2023-11-30)

var fbShare = {url: ‘’,size:’large’} Blog is actually a abbreviation of  the word Weblog. It’s like a personal diary that can be used for persoal or business purpose. It’s like a webpage that combines text, links or images. There are so many blog service providers like Wordpress or Blogger(they are leading). Today we’ll discuss [...]