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The first submissions of RSS were submitted on the year of 1997, and the creation was not RSS it was known as RDF. In 1997first time RDF was created by a man named, Ramanathan V. Guha. RDF for Resource Description Framework. RDF is similar to RSS. In 1999 Netscape change the name RDF and created a standard named RSS version 0.90. This was the beginning of RSS.

As we know it today that RSS means Rich Site Summary. How RSS helps us, RSS feed helps in updating your content regularly. When RSS feeds added in your site then there is no need to update content manually. It depends on your goals and how you work on RSS. You can use it to build a base of search engine optimization is bringing more people on the net know what you have to say on your SEO blog, so they subscribe to your blog, or you may want to write some good articles and post them in the blog and through your SEO RSS feeds, they have a greater possibility of getting picked up by other media outlets and posted on their sites or used in their newsletters. That is why, it is necessary to be with the game of SEO with quality.

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Amlan posted at 2023-11-30 Category: RSS Feeds Services

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