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By experience we basically mean the knowledge and the skill that we gather from doing things in our day to day life. The experience can be related to different fields like for example it can be a school experience , college experience even it can be experience in the field of profession that are gained by different people working in different fields. It is really a hard task to differentiate knowledge and experience because without knowledge one would be in complete darkness and may not be able to do any kind of work similarly without experience a person cannot gather knowledge so in order to do something you need the basic knowledge and to implement your knowledge further you need to have the experience thus knowledge and experience are two sides of the same coin without which one cannot survive . One can gather experience through his knowledge but if he doesn’t know how to progress, or have a clear idea about any concept his experience will be in that case useless.A well balanced of both knowledge and experience gives the best performance .

What I personally feel that my knowledge helped me a lot in writing content but that wouldn’t have been possible without my experience in writing.

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