A Billionaire’s Secret for Your Business Process Management

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Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple computers was a college dropout when he teamed up with Steve Wozniak in 1976 to sell personal computers assembled in Jobs’ garage.


Just think of the beginning of the golden period of capitalism – there were handy ultra rich in the later eighties like Ross Perrot or Warren Buffet. In the nineties, we came to see an upsurge of a large number of multimillionaires in the form Bill Gates, Michael Deol and similar other business magnets. Later, towards the end of the nineties, we could visibly find a handful of millionaires with a huge potential of spreading the message of free enterprise all around the globe and in the beginning of the twenties, it is hard rather impossible to figure out the number of ultra solvents in the financial terms.

Like Steve, there are thousands of adopted children who suffer from acute liver disorders, kidney functional failures and even cancer but with their daunted spirit, they cross all the hurdles and turn out to be pioneers in their field. The reason I started this blog in an unorthodox manner is because of one of greatest incident in the business world in the recent times. Apple has already overtaken Microsoft in terms of business turnover which is nothing but a natural demonstration what a normal human effort can bring if there is innovation backed up by common sense and smart work.

Internet Marketing today is nothing but a pure demonstration of natural sense, application of live experience and creative dynamism. If you feel that you have this rare combination of human talents, you are already ahead of the billions of professionals in the rat race for succeeding in life. We have got to remember that business is not just a matter of investing capital and expecting proportionate ROI in lieu of hard work and conventional management of resources.

If we are to make a mark in the world of business, we need a systematic integration of quality information management and conveyance of business agenda in the realistic humane sense. Just like search engine optimization, which is a qualitative and judicious mix of balancing static and dynamic methods which brings a quality traffic and website ranking with respect to a search engines, business process optimization is also an effective mix of business process management in the realistic sense coupled with strategic amendments adopted on a continuous basis.

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