Giant Mud Barrels to Stop Gushing Gulf Oil

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BP wants to go for a “top kill” to try stop oil from gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. It is going to last at least for 2 days as per the comments of a BP correspondent.

Courtesy: ABC News

The “top kill” process is pumping huge amounts of mud and cement at high pressure from barges 5,000 feet down into the leak in order to stop it. For that a 50,000 barrels of mud has already been stuffed.

In case, the “top kill” process fails, BP might come up with “junk shot” – that’s pumping of material like golf balls, pieces of tire and pieces of rope into the blowout preventer. Later, they might try out with containment dome to stop the leak. In fact, it sounds cool from the point of the BP news section to come up with new procedures to tackle the environmental disaster along with the natural resource management efforts. Honestly, it would undoubtedly help them in positive business process optimization at a large extent. The escalated event marketing efforts will act positively in sync with the rational resource management techniques adopted by BP in the high end.

Even, it is a learning experience for a brand to capitalize on any mishap with respect to any management decision or activities in general. When you sincerely try to put out the fire of infernal through strategic series of technical efforts and keep the entire process in front of the media, you are already in the positive limelight. People are less bothered in the subliminal desires of yours rather they would appreciate you on your efforts to resolve an issue primarily causing ill affects for the masses in general.

In the world of business today, if you freak out and lose control you are gone. At every point of time, you have got to feel the importance of taking rational steps to sustain your business. In fact, the more strategic you are in adopting a media feeding effort, the more prone to brand image optimization you will get closer to.

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