How Important is your Online Reputation Management?

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Reputation is really precious for any company or organization. And any kind of damage towards reputation can lead to dangerous consequences like it may cause a total downfall of the company or ruin a life of an individual.

Case1: In and around leading movie theatre in India, there was a week long campaign through sms and Internet, “Mr. X will have his movie Y flop due to such and such reasons”. I believe it is not important to mention the name of the movie or the targeted actor. In fact, the most astonishing fact is that the person who spread the rumor is a leading actor in the Indian cine world.

Case2: BP came up with “top kill” to stop oil from gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. As per ABC News, they have already done their homework and installed video cameras to take snapshots of the entire process of oil leak damage preventive measures under the water. Not only that, they took advantage of the possible critical analysis of the mishap they are responsible for and did a splendid job to augment their business reputation online.

Case3: Another event of social media coverage was the Narmada dam controversy which led to an intervention of celebrities from different segments of the society into the matter. Imagine a great social cause and you are seen spending an ample duration of time in the dust-covered areas around Narmada under scorching heat raising your voice for a noble cause. Your celebrity image is supposed to get an incredible mileage as compared to a number of campaigns all around the city centers.

Well, if we try to tally the 3 entirely different approaches, we might get bewildered in the initial stage but from the critical aspect, we would observe the reputation management techniques being applied in the realistic sense.

It has to be kept in mind that if you already have some reputation going behind your name, you would like to get inclined to a reputation management process which would incorporate some strategic activities outdoor along with quality online reputation management activities. Gone are the days when you were supposed to depend too much on the print and electronic media. Rather, you just log on to some popular blogs and social media networking websites and bingo – you are on the verge of turning the whole world upside down.

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