Happiness and health are the most important thing in one’s life

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In this world today it is really hard to be happy and be in good health. We find that all are running behind material thing so the world is becoming obsessed with money. From the size of your house, the type of car and even where you travel on your holidays, some people are trying to go one better do their friends and family. For me these people are quite sad. I have a friend who is similar to the people above, he is always thinking of money, always talking about money how to earn it, how to spend it etc. According to me the two most important things in life are health and happiness. These are two things which money cannot buy.

Quite a few years ago my mother was ill and she was admitted in hospital. Her condition was not good and she was just forty years old. I feared the worst, even though I was trying my hardest to think and stay positive. . I remember thinking if I could give those doctors everything I own in the world; it still would not help her. On the other hand happiness is something which cannot be measured by anything it may happen at times I have had lots of cash in my back pocket, however have been quite depressed. At other times I have had next to no money and have been extremely happy. Thus happiness doesn’t mean to have more money and fame even a person with less money or fame is much happier than a rich person similarly a person with happiness and wealth but not in proper health so he cannot enjoy his or her life. So it’s really important to be happy and be in good health in order to enjoy the sweetness of life.

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