Top 10 press release sites by SEO Expert

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As I have promised in my previous blogs that will discuss about the ways of link building, here I go on it….
Friends, you can do your link building job in many ways, but right now I can imagine a most vital way of link building, called “Press Release Submission”. It is a very much popular and prolific way of link building. So friends let us go for the explanation:
Press Release – just break the word and try to get the proper meaning of this, press means media or news related matter and release means publish. So it means publishing any news related to your website.
As we are a human being, always we want to change our circumstances in a positive manner. Our websites are not so far from that. Our website is a weapon to reach maximum number of people in a global field, so to attract more people we have to up to date our weapon.
If we change any matter in our site or in our services or product that can be a news in the global field. Just publish that news in a formal order in some popular websites those received press releases and give prolific link back. It is a must needed note that press release is one of the way that flow a maximum number of traffic to your website. So definitely more traffic will help you to get higher rank in search engines. This work can be done by some expert seo company, if they are in local this will be a great advantage for us. Because by that seo expert company we can do our local seo services.
Now definitely you are bothering for the top free press release websites, so here are the top PR sites lists:

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