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Responsibility is something which cannot be defined exactly because the state of being responsible refers to trust debt or obligation. Today life must be characterized by a sense of universal responsibility Not only nation to nation and human to human  but also human to others forms of life. Therefore responsibility means that you and alone are accountable for your life .Being responsible comes with the realizations that what you are and where you are because of your own conduct and behavior.You are hundred percent responsible for all your great achievements in life and so if you want something to be done you should do it by yourself. Responsibility therefore leads to proactive outlook on life and you work hard to achieve the given responsibility while others will only assist you.

All successful people look upon themselves as the cause of what happens in life and they understand that their present success is a reflection of their actions in the past. No responsibility means no control and by doing so they fail to have great achievements. When you accept responsibility you gain control.  This can be seen in any types of job, as the most responsible people tend to have the highest incomes, social status and the most power. And if anything goes wrong these people may resign or be fired and they must accept the full responsibility for any failure that has occurred. If you fully accept responsibility may it be for any jobs or even in your life then you will stop blaming helplessness and negativity. Not only this responsibility also portrays the character of a person. Reliability is an admirable characteristic. A responsible person is one who is able to act without guidance or supervision, because he or she is accountable and answerable for his or her behavior. Such a person can be trusted or depended upon to do things on his or her own. Being a responsible person means you have good character. A responsible person is trusted to do things by own without any kind of supervision and being trusted is a good feeling. People who are irresponsible often go against the rules and often by impulse without thinking of the possible consequences.

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