How to modify your website ranking

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Hi this is Biswajit Bhatttacharjee an employee of Compete Infotech.Now I am sharing with all of you in my daily basis work experience.
Now I am going to tell you how to modify the rankings of the website.
One of the best ways of modifying the ranking of your website between search engines is through link building. Links help in ranking the quality of your website. Then you will see then how your links on a website will slowly silently become a popular website.To get the better ranking in your website in this process you can help or used the main search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL etc.Beacuse they judge your web pages. Google has a toolbar which will help you to check out the ranks of every website which is available on its database. This is also helping you to know about the level of quality of every website in the Google database. One is a link which will allow a connection to your website from the webpage’s of another person and no link will be provided in return. Two person are decited what they can do. They can do link exchange like 2 way & 3 way etc.A web site can a better rank to any other Search engines when they will completed on page optimization and off page optimization clearly. If you will move in this way, according to me your website ranking is better than your first position.

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