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Offshore Staffing and Staff Augmentation Service

In the world of business Offshoring Services appear as a new conception. Outsourcing Staffing Services focus on your core competencies with respect to the limitations what you have. Business Outsourcing is the practice of hiring an external organization to perform some business functions in a country other than the one where the services are actually developed.

About Compete Infotech Offshore Outsourcing offers:

We are here to take you to the success which you are looking for - that’s why we would like to offer you a lot of essential services which surely help to groom your company name and importance in the world of global business.

Our category of Staff Outsourcing services:


Through this service we offer Search Job Description, Development Strategy, Ad Placement, Applicant Screening, Reference and Background Check and a quality Candidate Interviews and Recommendations.


In this category of service we are giving you Employee self-service, Payroll processing and reporting, Payroll tax reporting, Time off tracking, Online benefits enrollment.


We are giving in this section Compensation plans, Culture development, Incentive and retention programs, Executive Coaching, Succession Planning and others.


We provide you this services which are Brokerage Services, Custom Benefit Plan Strategies, Benefit analysis, cost control and reduction, Employee Communications development, Eligibility and Enrollment Services, Employee claims resolution.
It is the process of hiring a dedicated team of additional staff and Offshore Outsourcing Services to bring better efficiency and effectiveness in the work process. The element of Manpower Staffing can be visible across every department to achieve incompetence and unmatched standard of working.

Our needs for HR Outsourcing & Staff Augmentation

The process of Temporary Staffing Services is really useful in getting the best. There are many reasons for which we will require the process of staff augmentation. Firstly, the abundance of IT resources needs enough manpower to handle. Secondly, declining rates and narrowing margins for companies that require Manpower Staffing services. And finally, it leads to specialization in the work.

How to explore expert manpower and quality outsourcing?

Different companies follow different methodologies to find the right one for their meeting their demands. One of the most common ways of Staffing Services is done through e-commerce storefronts, which provide necessary tools for shipping, tracking and customer service.

Other methods of Outsourcing hunt:

Online search of Manpower Staffing can be a good option too. For finding the best Temporary Staffing Services, you must be keen on the usability of many of the performing search engines.
By implemented proper Offshore Outsourcing Services, you could feel the growth even faster than your sunniest forecasts ever projected.
Compete Infotech offers you the Business Outsourcing advantage of Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employee services. Hire anyone from a.NET developer to a PHP programmer to work exclusively for your projects from our state of the art development locations in India.
Be it a Professional corporate websites or a complex database driven web application, Techno Score understands the Online Outsourcing process that needs to be adhered.
Compete Infotech comes in, with a straightforward and cost effective substitute – IT Staff Augmentation Services, Offshore Outsourcing Services.
Offshore Staffing and Staff Augmentation Service

Key idea and profit of staff augmentation :

Retained Search Compensation plans Brokerage Services Employee self-service
Job Description Development Strategy Culture development Custom Benefit Plan Strategies Payroll processing and reporting
Ad Placement Due iligence/Acquisition planning Benefit analysis, cost control and reduction Payroll tax reporting
Applicant Screening Incentive and retention programs Employee Communications development Time off tracking
Reference and Background Check Executive Coaching Eligibility and Enrollment Services Online benefits enrollment
Candidate Interviews and Recommendations Succession Planning Employee claims resolution  
We offer flexible pricing models based on which you engage us.
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