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Hire People on Monthly Basis
In-House Efficiency and Control @ Offshore Costs

In dedicated hiringSM model, we let you hire, manage, and pay for the talents you require for the assignment on a monthly basis. The people you hire will be our full-time employees but they will work exclusively for you. The project management control is directly in your hands thus giving you the ultimate control and flexibility over getting things done your way.

Is it better than Fixed Price Quotes?
The fixed price is give based on several factors:
Commitment from dedicated team
As the team works exclusively on your project, they build strong business knowledge and soon they become active contributors and participants in decision making process. We tie the compensation of our employees directly to the success of your business to ensure that you work with people who are actually thinking for you!
Flexibility to make decisions
The simple rule is that the clearer the scope, the easier it is for us to estimate a timeline and hence the quote is more precise. On the other hand, if the scope that you are providing is very open then we have to add buffer in the pricing to make up for any surprises.
Access to managerial services
You don’t have to be experienced in outsourcing or project management in order to be benefited from this model. The service includes project management support to ensure that everything is well coordinated and brilliantly executed.
Access to specialized skills
You can hire people with individual skills like Analysis, Programming, Design or Testers when you need them and let me go when the job is over.
Low cost
For any average projects of 3 man-months duration, this model should save you 75% - 80% cost when compared to local providers and it should save you around 22.5% in comparison to other offshore services providers.
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We offer flexible pricing models based on which you engage us.
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Roles and Costs
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Programmer Hiring for 176 hours a month
For Custom web development, Support and Maintenance or Opensource customization
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Designer Hiring for 176 hours a month
For Layout Design, Flash Design, Print Design or creating 2D-3D animations
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SEO Specialist Hiring for 176 hours a month
For Link Exchange, Directory Submissions, Content Writing or Web Page optimization
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How does it work?
Get started in 4 simple steps:
Tell us about the specialization of the required resource i.e. between Custom Web Development, Support and Maintenance Specialist or Open source experts.
Tell us about the desired level of experience of the resources.
Tell us how may people you require and if you need them for full-time, part-time or hourly basis.
Select the resources and begin work.

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