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ASP.NET Website Development

To construct an ASP.NET Web site we require to use a good, solid code foundation to get start and build . The ASP.NET Starter Kits need five kits which are Community, Reports, Commerce, Portal, and Time Tracker , all have full supply , easily customized reusable code . In accumulation , there are a number of ISPs that hold up automatic deployment of ASP.NET Starter Kit Web sites, leaving you with little left to do when you have to get there fast. Here, the author set up the ASP.NET Starter Kits and constructs a community Web site with lots of superior features such as ratings, user polls, upload quotas, change notifications, and themes.

The Commerce and Portal Starter Kits

It help to generate an e-commerce storefront application , based on a three-tier architecture and also used in caching , forms authentication and for a shopping cart. It also includes a B2B Web Service component which is a great application to revise and learn from , especially to construct an e-commerce application .

The Portal Starter Kit helps to create the portal application which includes 10 portal modules such as announcements, contacts, discussion, events, html/text, image, inks, quicklinks, xml/xsl, and a custom module .

The Time Tracker Starter Kit

It is truly essentially for a time and billing intranet application without the billing component which is pretty straightforward . It includes three tabs: Log, Reports, and Administration as log tab for logging hours ,reports tab for generating reports by project or individual and the last one the administration tab to configure projects .

The Reports Starter Kit

it is not a single cohesive application , it is a series of eight reports which you can read about , run against sample data , and examine theform of source code . Not only that it allows you to copy and paste the source into your own applications . It works just like the ASP.NET QuickStarts
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ASP.NET Website Development

The Community Starter Kit

It provides you an effortless way to use it to quickly put together a community site for your user group , club, family, or communityand as well as helps to put together a simple news and information site. Overall it is very easier to set up and manage which supports a number of different types of content, including articles, photo galleries, and event listings. It’s engine supports the concept of skins or themes, letting you radically change the look of the site by choosing a different theme from the admin page with an extensive security system that classifies members according to their roles: anonymous, thenticated, moderator, and administrator, or according to your own custom roles. So it will secure any section of the site so that only certain types of users can view, add, edit, or delete content.
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