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Dedicated Manpower Hiring
Efficient Control at a competitive cost
In the monthly hiring, it is an interesting and profitable point to avail the dedicated manpower for your business. You will be able to benefit from the quality manpower available at your office location giving their 100% efforts behind every single requirement you have. Whether it is Web Design or it is a dedicated SEO project, our pool of talented and experienced campaigners will be ready to be there at your service.


Dedication and Commitment
From the very beginning of the project, our dedicated team will virtually work for your project only – nothing else. Soon, it gets easier for them to sense the pulse of your organization and play a crucial role in the project delivery. The dedicated team might be the employee of a different organization. After having worked for a specified project for a long duration of time in a different organization, they will have a different feel for the same.
Project Management Facility
We are here to provide you with the complete Project Management solution. Along with the generic requirements, it is a primary goal from the team to take on the project as a whole. Starting from the initial analysis on the project through manpower distribution and ultimately delivering the project to the clients will completely be taken by the team.
Skills-oriented Hiring
Hiring on the basis of specialized skills and that too in lieu of competitive cost gives you an added advantage. In case of any standard project, it will be easier for you to save more than 50% cost as compared to when you hand it over to the other service providers. Basically, our model is built on that format.
If you are interested, we are ready to offer flexible pricing packages depending upon the models you are looking for.
The Project Process:
First, it’s important to clarify the project requirements and on the basis of that only, the further planning can be made. Proper planning will always make a project delivery easier and effective. That’
There could be some specific desire or requirement from the client side regarding the qualification and experience level of the manpower resources that we are going to offer you. You can trust on us for the same – we are meticulous about our profile selection. On a specific project, we are always on the front foot in case of quality manpower selection. After all, your project is our responsibility.
Whether there is manpower requirement on a full-time, part-time or hourly basis, must be clarified. Along with that it would obviously be imperative to set the number of resources required for the specified project. Manpower planning is our responsibility; you just have to clarify the project requirements.
Select the resources and begin work.
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Hiring a Coder
For Custom web development, Support and Maintenance or Open source customization
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Hiring a Designer
For Layout , Flash Design, Print and 2D-3D effects
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Hiring an SEO Consultant
Onpage Optimization, Link Building, Content writing, Article Submission, Blog Postings, Social Media Marketing
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We offer flexible pricing models based on which you engage us.
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Fixed Price Model

You define. We deliver.
In the very beginning, it is imperative for you to clarify your goal. We will of course give you the manpower hours to be provided, deadline for the delivery along with step pricing options. This allows you to have a clear budget and gives you a scope to re adjust your payment process on the phases of the project.
» Price Calculation
Factors deciding the price:
Project Clarification
Clearer the project plan, better it is always for us to evaluate the manpower hours and the budget we need for the timely delivery. It will of course be easier to estimate the deadline that we can offer you for the project delivery.
Project Size
If the size and scope of the project is more – it directly means a wider opportunity of employment for the resource involved. This will again bring a positive impact on the pricing we would be able to offer you.
Skill level and experience of project team
Projects that need to be developed quicker and with a multifarious mode will obviously require highly-skilled and experienced campaigners. Hourly rates for a quality resource of course range between $10 and $15.
If you are interested, we are ready to offer fixed pricing packages depending upon the models you are looking for.
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Pricing model
Resources Price
Developer $15/hour
Designer $12/hour
SEO Executive $10/hour

Customized Package

Flexibility at per excellence
Dedicated manpower is always a key to success for your business. A Web Design or an SEO project demands talented and experienced campaign members at the most effective level. You might be in the cost marginal situation in some cases and that will require some sort of flexibility in manpower hours. Compete Infotech will always show eagerness to support you in the real sense in terms of both quality and cost.


Process Based Investment

Whenever there is an option, it would be a good choice to focus on the project requirements and take decision on that basis only. In this regards, it is always important to justify with the investment and it would really be. Manpower is one of the most crucial investments that a company makes and getting the most effective result out of them is absolutely necessary.

Quality Output

When one gets the chance to devote on a flexible mode as per the project requirement, he is opted with the individual freedom to deliver the best. He is getting the chance to go up and down in his working speed in sync with the mode of operation. At par with the pressure, the concerned person is supposed to generate something different from his inside and that will be too much dedicated towards the quality parameter, the process demands.

Skill Distribution Option

This flexible mode of hiring allows a specific individual to develop himself on different arenas of work. This, in turn will produce the qualitative output generating tool inside him at a multifarious level. Be sure about that, this process will bring an outstanding profit margin in the long run and on a continuous basis.

We are interested in providing the customized package with respect to the qualitative needs that you have.
If you are interested, we are ready to offer fixed pricing packages depending upon the models you are looking for.
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If you are interested, we are ready to offer fixed pricing packages depending upon the models you are looking for.
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